A wedding is the purest form of ceremony in the world. It is a string of companionship, love, and togetherness that two families tie between them. Let it be the seven oaths, betrothal or nikkah, the feeling that all these ceremonies project is the same. A feeling of closeness and harmony. To make the heavenly occasion an unforgettable part of your life, to garnish it from every side, let us be part of the divine ceremony, and see it through our lenses.

Our passionate team of Color Drops Media films the ceremony in the most captivating way. The beautiful lights, the elegant colors, and the ecstatic joy of the family are encapsulated by us in the gorgeous frames, for you and your family.


Pre Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photography manifests the chemistry between the couples. It captures the moments, the bond, the happiness that the couples share before they tie the knot of love and life. Let Color Drops capture these precious moments with utmost beauty.

Post Wedding Photography

Post-wedding photoshoot snaps the happily wed couples, lost in their own world of love and companionship. The romantic after wed tale of solicitude and endearment is captured in our camera with its true essence and aura preserved.

Candid Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography captures the inner, natural beauty of a person, which he or she too may not be aware of. We photograph the most beautiful, graceful you, and as icing on the cake, we do the color grading to add to your natural charm.

South Indian Wedding Photography

South Indian weddings are one of the most beautiful, heavenly ceremonies in the world. More than the expensive decors, South Indian weddings bring the best out of their traditional, cultural habits and practices, which carry a scent of affection within it.

Noir Memoir Photography

Noir Memoir is one of our favourite ways to add a nostalgic gracefulness to the wonderful memories of your wedding. The black and white photographs reflect the jovial celebration with a sense of timeless beauty.

Maternity Photography

Marriage is complete only when the little joy of happiness arrives in the lives of the newlywed. It makes the relationship stronger and imperishable. To welcome this new light of hope and happiness, we provide you with Maternity Photo-shoots.


Color Drops provided us with a bunch of memories to adore. Their album takes us through the beautiful journey we had like a short, lovely tale, where they have captured us like a prince and a princess. Never ever could we be happier, than looking at the best day of our life. With a drive to capture the best, Color Drops gave us nothing less than a wedding gift itself.
Lino Wilson P

web Designer

Preenu Prasad and his team gave us a wonderful experience. Color Drops photographed every moment of our wedding with extreme detail and pulchritude. Their flawless, visually captivating frames take us back to the most joyful days of our lives. Their extremely humble and generous staff made the entire process of photography and videography comfortable for us.
Jithin Johnson P

Safety officer, Qatar

Whenever I look at our wedding photographs, I am thankful from the bottom of my heart to the team of Color Drops for giving us such a wonderful work. It carries an air of emotion, happiness, and nostalgia with it. Having Color Drops at our wedding was one of the best things. We never felt the strain of posing for the pictures and videos. The team was very flexible and comfortable.
Lino Wilson P

web Designer