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The art of wedding photography

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Kerala, the god’s own country of greenery and beautiful landscapes, is rich in culture and traditions. Not just is it filled with beautiful scenery of nature but is a happy land of various religious communities, which follow beautiful traditions and live a prosperous life.

Weddings here are the most beautiful ceremonies, filled with traditions, culture, and joy. Belonging to different types, each of them is beautiful in its own respective ways. The cultural background of Kerala leaves its essence in every wedding, making it a different experience, full of love, life, and companionship.

The three primary wedding ceremonies consist of Hindu, Christian, and Muslim weddings. All of them have a soul, a beautiful aura, that no other ceremonies can spread.

Color Drops Media, one of the best wedding photography and videography platforms, has been an integral part of various wedding ceremonies. With years of experience and knowledge, Color Drops has captured not ceremonies, but memories. Each and every precious moment is encapsulated by the wedding photography team so that you can cherish it for a lifetime. Under the supervision of Mr. Preenu Prasad, who is a passionate photographer and dedicated to the field of photography, Color Drops media is one of the busiest wedding photography and videography companies, who coalesce their passion and your precious moments of the auspicious occasion together, to give an output that will evoke the beautiful memories from your once in a lifetime day.

Weddings are one of the greatest turning points in the life of a person. To an extent, it is also an event of a change in the lives of each and every family member. To start living with a partner, to welcome a new person into the family is an experience that is to be remembered forever.

A wedding is an occasion where everyone carries a smile on their face. It is an occasion of hope, ecstasy, and celebration.
Wedding photography has been an inseparable part of marriages. It has evolved through various changes and updations, with categories like pre-wedding photography, candid photography, maternity photography, etc. All of these aim at just one thing, that is to make the occasion as beautiful and delightful as possible. For this, people who are dedicated to the field of photography have been constantly inventing new techniques and ideas, in order to serve their customers with the most unique and memorable experience.

From the lights to the angle, everything has evolved into a state which uplifts the ceremony’s joy. Colour Drops Media is one such company that has evolved over time with updated equipments and brushed-up skills. They focus on providing the customers with the best experience and make sure that the album they get gives them immense satisfaction.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of wedding photography, Color Drops has built a reputation that is solely earned from the happiness of its customers. They knit a series of most precious moments, to make a memoir of nostalgia and felicity.

A wedding is the union of two beautiful souls, and a wedding album is a beautiful book that writes about the pulchritudinous occasion. But to get the event written in a graceful way, the writer must be a creative head. Color Drops is the most beautiful writer in the business of wedding photography and videography, that captures the heavenly occasion, in the most elegant way.

Wearing beautiful wedding dresses, with a grace that fills the bride’s and groom’s face with happiness, cannot just merely be photographed. The photographer has to have an insight, a pre-visualization of moments. Color Drops captures all such moments and is blessed with a talent to foresee the most significant moments of the wedding.

By the end of the day, Color Drops wedding photography and videography gives an album which consists of not photos, but memories and moments, which will hit you like a cool breeze of nostalgia, something you can cherish lifelong.